Queensland Environmental Devastation.

At a fenceline

“On one side is Australian bush of subtle form and hue,
With bud and flower, fur and feather, scale and sucker, too;
On t’other is the outcome when this

Helen Duley: Tawny Frogmouth & the Moon.

happy world must bow,
An empty, sun-scorched stretch of so-called ‘pasture’ lies there now.
If folk must grub and clear, ‘twixt over there and here,
Why should it be that every twig and leaf must disappear?
Why is not bushland’s face thought good enough to grace
The furthest corner paddock of whatever took its place?
Seems nothing’s quite as dense as Homo australiensis
When he is bent on clearing bush and raising up new fences.”

Tiny, yet Suberb Blue Fairy Wren sings his out his heart amidst a clump Purple Fringe Lilies.

Is this an old poem, or one written just recently?

Sadly, this poem sums up the ongoing devastation inflicted on our beautiful and unique Aussie Bushlands over the last two hundred years. I found this on the Guardian Australia website. An anonymous poet called Friarbird   has posted this as a comment in an Article entitled “For the love of Queensland, this land clearing has got to stop.” by writer https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/oct/06/for-the-love-of-queensland-this-land-clearing-has-got-to-stop

My own drawings are created in a small way to celebrate and commemorate the myriad tiny lives of so many hidden native birds & creatures that are being exterminated thoughtlessly every day. as well as the ongoing destruction of our irreplaceable heartlands. Being destroyed on a large and small scale, from hand slashers wielded by next door neighbours, up to industrial sized bull-dozers dragging enormous balls and chains behind them.


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  1. Beautiful artwork, Helen.
    Especially the Frogmouth—always a favourite.
    Your heart is in the right place !

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